2010 Event Schedule - 9th Virginia Cavalry

Below are the events that elements of the 9th Virginia Cavalry will be attending.  Some event information is not updated or not available at this time but this is an active site which updates regularly so come back to be informed.  Send any questions on events to Captain Finnegan

We also do training events for our members and guests.   If you are interested in attending look at the links for Training Camp or Lacomb Camp to see when we've scheduled our next practice.  Our riders get together informally and often to ride, if you want to ride with us contact the above email address.

Our 2010 Regimental Christmas Party - December 1st at the Waldo Hills Grange

Our 2010 Event Schedule

Lebanon Event battle event May 1 - 2
Starlight Parade June 5th (all members)
Grand Floral Parade June 12th (mounted members)
Willamette Mission battle event July 3 - 5
Ft. Stevens battle event September 4 - 6
McIver Park battle event September 25 - 26
Albany Veteran's Day Parade November 11th


Cavalry riding practice schedules, training and unit events

Mounted training is generally twice a month over the winter months.  Contact Capt. Finnegan for a current practice schedule.

Next mounted training is scheduled for October (TBD) Scio, Oregon