Event Photos

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The situation seems to call for troopers to dismount and engage the enemy using the trees for cover against a larger Union force.

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Dismounted cavalry of the 9th Virginia, 1st Maryland and 14th Virginia try to stop the rush of enemy infantry but must retreat under heavy fire.

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Casualties mount up in an evenly contested battle at Fort Steilacoom where eventually a truce was called to care for the wounded. 

Flag raising in the cavalry camp.

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Original Wetplate Image by Professor C. C. Davis, 9th Virginia Cavalry squad on picket at Steilacoom, Washington - 1999

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Dismounted 9th Virginia Cavalry almost overwhelmed by the enemy stands fast in spite of casualties.

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Chaplain Wood administers last rites on the battlefield to a fallen 9th Virginian

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1st Sgt. McGlothlin and Bugler Randall in front of their domicile.

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Always an impromptu "jam" session when musicians get together.

Confederate Cavalry

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James Roop and his mare "Miss Bea"

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Cliff Self on "OhSo"

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Jake Hamer on "Roxie" and Rich Lewis on "Belle".

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Ken Morris on "Roamer"

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Ben Munster on "Stoney", Kevin Cooksey on "Jake" and Marvin Parker on "OhSo".

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Cliff Self snoozing with "Wild Willie"

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Captain Ahearn inspects spoons


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William Alguire and "Wild Willie"

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Drill - working on keeping alignment

Confederates move forward to engage.

Union moves on the the battlefield at Ft. Stevens.

Ahearn and Morris sabre fight

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During winter training at Ft. Vancouver

Union Cavalry

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Dismounted/Mounted skirmish on the enemies flank at Willamette Mission.

LaRue and Lewis hobnobbing with Major Nunnally

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Cavalry introductions at our April Showers event.

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Our garrison camp

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On campaign

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Randy Roop

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Ken Morris and "Jeff"

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Jerry Eckert

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Ken Morris & JR Robinson on their Canadian horses.

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Rick East

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Corporal Loren Ford on "Copper"

Chaplain Wood

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Linneus Ahearn and "Stonewall"

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Mr. Authentic


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Shardon Lewis