COMPANY A - Stafford County
COMPANY B - Caroline County
COMPANY C - Westmoreland County
COMPANY D - Lancaster County
COMPANY E - Spotsylvania County
COMPANY F - Essex County
COMPANY G - Lunenburg County
COMPANY H - King William County
COMPANY I - King George County
COMPANY K - Richmond County


These are the names of the men who have no company notation in their records or whose records are so abbreviated that no information exists on them other than what is here.  If you can't find your ancestor in the rosters, perhaps he is here.

BOGGS, CHARLES A.: Chaplain of the regiment. Appointed 4/10/62. Resigned 3/28/64.

CARLY, T.M.: Only record is of his parole on Northern Neck, 5/6/63.

CARTER, JAMES: Conscript assigned to 9th Cav. on 6/12/64. No further record.

CRIST, A.H.: This man is shown as a prisoner at Camp Chase, Ohio, in Aug.‑Sept. 1862, age 36. No further record. He was probably not actually a member of the regiment.

CUMMING, HARTFORD M.:  This individual was shown as surgeon of the regiment, with no other information at all being supplied. Cumming also served with the 63rd Georgia Inf.

GALAHAN B. J.: d. October 20, 1915 in Stafford Co. age 82. Newspaper obituary identifies him as a member of the 9th Virginia Cavalry.

GARNETT, CLARENCE LINDEN: b. 1841 in Essex Co. att. U.Va. Garnett served with the regiment as a surgeon, but no dates or details are available. Physician in Buffalo, W.Va., postwar.

GERLING, RUSSELL: The only record is of his desertion on 7/22/64. Took the oath and went to Philadelphia.

GREY, S.C.: The only slip on record does not show a company, and declares that this man deserted at City Point on 4/12/65. Several things make the record suspect. It is probably garbled or bogus.

HARMON, ROBERT: Deserted 9/7/64, sent to Philadelphia. No other records.

HARRIS, W.A.: Paroled at Mechanicsville, 5/2/65. No other record.

HART, HENRY: POW at Bermuda Hundred, 4/4/65, took the oath and went to Philadelphia. No other records.

HAYDEN, THOMAS: On a list of rebel deserters who took the oath at City Point on 4/12/65 and were furnished transportation to Baltimore. No other records.

HAWTHORN, L.B.: In a Richmond hospital in June 1864. No other record.

HOWERTON, J.W.E.: The only record on this man is a U.S. file showing that he deserted in April 1865.

JETT, W.F.: Paroled 5/8/65 on Northern Neck. No other records.

JOHNSON, JOHN EVANS: b. Sept. 1814. att. U.S. Military Academy. Lt. Col. of Virginia troops, April 1861. Johnson served as Lt. Col. then Col. of the 9th Cav. until he was dropped at the April 1862 reorganization. He became an aide on Ewell's staff in May 1863.  d. King William C.H., June 11, 1905.

JOHNSON, W.V.: Asst. Surgeon of the regiment, relieved of duties on 6/12/62, due to the unfavorable report of the Army Medical Board, despite the fact that Johnston had been a physician for 18 years.

JOHNSON, W.R.: This man is shown as Capt, and AQM of the regimen, on one pay voucher.  As is frequent, with departmental staff officers of the 9th Cavalry, there is virtually no extant service record on this fellow.

JONES, W.A.: His only record is a slip showing his parole at Louisa C.H., 5/15/65.

KIMBALL, M.: His only record is of being captured on 6/3/64 on the Chickahominy; ten days later he joined the U.S. service.

LACEY, J.P.: The only document in Lacey's file is a parole slip dated at Richmond, 4/26/65.

LELAND, CHARLES W.: Transferred to the 9th Cavalry in Jan. 1865 (had served earlier in the 47th Va. Inf.).

MURRAY, JOHN H.: The only record an this man is a rather peculiar Federal document stating that he resided in Wheeling and was captured at Petersburg, 4/24/65, and released on oath on 5/30/65.

RANDOLPH, LEWIS CARTER: b. June 1838 in Albemarle Co. off. VMI and U.Va. Physician. Commissioned Surgeon of the 9th Cav., 9/9/62 and present thru Oct. 1864. d. May 29, 1887 in Nelson Co. Randolph had been surgeon with Cobb’s Legion and the 5th N.C. Cavalry before joining the regiment.

RANKIN, LEONARD: The only record on Rankin is of his parole at Northumberland C.H., 5/8/65.

RIXEY, JAMES WILLIAM.: b. Aug. 25, 1846. Paroled at Bowling Green, 5/5/65.  d. Dec. 23, 1905.  bur. Lakewood Cemetery, Bowling Green.

RUTLEDGE, W.B.: Paroled at Burkesville Jct., April 14-17, 1865.

SAUNDERS, E.J.: Paroled at Bowling Green, 5/8/65.

SETTLE, JOHN ALEXANDRIA: b. Jan. 14, 1845, near Farmers Fork, Richmond Co. m. (1) Laura P. Hall m. (2) Ketural Wilkerson (1855–1896)  Although Settle has no official record with the 9th Cavalry, his service is affirmed by Beale’s published roster, a family bible and his tombstone.  d. June 9, 1908, Richmond. Co. bur. Monekin Baptist Church.

SHORT, EDWARD: The only record in Short's file documents his desertion near Suffolk on 7/13/64. He took the oath and was sent to Baltimore. 5'6" tall. Resident of Richmond Co.

STANLEY, GEORGE: Obituary notice declared that Stanley had served in the 9th Virginia Cavalry, but he has no official record.  d. March 3, 1898 near Summit, Caroline Co.

THOMPSON, W.G.: Conscript enrolled on 3/7/64 and assigned to 9th Cav. on 6/16/64. No further record.

WHEELER, THEODORE: Deserter, took the oath on 9/7/64, and was sent to Philadelphia. No other records.

YERBY, JOE: "Faithful colored cook," frequently mentioned in contemporary accounts. In 1896, Yerby was a "wealthy and respected citizen of D.C."